Group Members

Michael Cryan, 4th year graduate student

Lauren Delong, 3rd year graduate student

Blaise Ostertag, 2nd year graduate student

Yuxin Li, 4th year graduate student

Anntonette Perry, 3rd year graduate student

Rebekah Brantley, 2nd year graduate student

Jordan Seibold, 2nd year graduate student

Nick Caldwell,

undergraduate researcher

Madi Pennell,

undergraduate researcher

Jared Brown

undergraduate researcher


Rachel Krevh, REU 2018

Northeast Ohio Medical University 2019-present

Gary Lim, PhD

Analytical Separations Chemist

Pilot Chemical

Adam Colley, Graduated May 2019

Collin Fleischer, Graduated May 2020

Austin Hensley, Graduated Dec. 2018

Moriah Weese, Graduated May 2020

Graduate Student at UC

Principal Investigator:

Ashley Ross, PhD


Department of Chemistry

University of Cincinnati

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